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Gardenia – August 2014

A poetic and relaxing place designed for places with temperate climate, using a pastel palette.

Poetry in fresh pastel shades:
The other Italian garden at the “Chaumont Sur Loire 2014” festival is le purgatoire des tentation, by Giuliana Marsiaj (founder of Ankhè studio in Turin, specialized in garden design) and Raffaele Cogno. A poetic and relaxing place designed for places with temperate climate, using a pastel palette (green, light blue and a bit of pink). Flowers blooming like clouds in the sky, along the edges of a curvy path, and covered with gray gravel, so that it would create a perfect harmony between the other colors of the garden. A ground covered with “Forget-me-not” flowers (Myosotis Alpestris), that will bloom at the end of spring, colouring the garden in deep blue, combined with blue and white columbine (Aquilegia caerulea “Blue Star”), topped by big, dark purple Delphinium Giant “Black Knight” and light purple Delphinium Giant “Blue Spring”. And then, last but not least, the Sisyricum Bellum.

Gardenia – Novembre 2011

Quante leggende sugli alberi, quante parole sussurrate dalle fronde di ciascuna essenza. Come vecchi saggi, sembrano dirci:”siediti, osserva, ascolta, respira, vivi!”.


The garden designer Giuliana Marsiaj invites us to take a stroll in the park of her family home, where
colours, perfumes and the whispers of rustling leaves bring one’s serenity back. Whatever the season.
“This oasis in the hills around Turin has always been my dream, and finally I have been able to bring it to
life. To me it is a ‘healing garden’ because, when I walk round it after a long day’s work, I forget all my
worries with the very first steps. And I feel the joy of being cradled by soft forms and by the shades of
colour that change gently from season to season. My garden is the place where I study the ancient ties
between man and nature: the umbilical cord that is essential to our survival on the planet. Here nothing is
excessive, nothing is forced: it feels as though every tree, every bush, has always been there with their
disarming simplicity. Only the seasons mark time. A time that is also art: instead of the ticking of clocks, all
you hear and see are the voices of leaves in the breeze and the sun weaving its way through the branches
of greenery and flowers. A strange dance, a game without rules in which the only protagonist is nature, in a
thousand guises.”
“I rediscover the importance of breathing sitting on a wooden bench surrounded by a group of
liquidambars with crowns of all shades of green. The healing qualities of nature lie in the serenity we feel as
we take in the soft shapes of the leaves, the softness of the wood, the perfumes of herbs.”
“And then there are the flowers: roses everywhere, ancient, rustic, joined by lighter shades and by the dew
that gives a delicate rose water, an ancient cure and beauty secret. Further ahead a stream and tall, exotic
bamboo canes with their leaves singing in the wind and flexing stems that contain all the freshness of living
green, in strong contrast with the burned tones of the redwoods. Another story, other roots and the lure of
“How many legends, how many words whispered from leafy branches. Like wise old men they seem to say,
‘sit, observe, listen, breathe, live!’. And future generations will see their magnificence and tell the ancient
stories of friendship between men and trees.”

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