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According to me, designing a garden is like talking to plants, from most ancient tree, to the grass, to every flower.

Giuliana Marsiaj

Our design services include: site analysis, visualization, planting plans, lighting and irrigation. These are realized after a deep site inspections and an accurate research on client’s needs and desires.

Fittings Fittings

We are specialized on wedding design, exhibitions, openings and parties with the use of fragrances, according to the requirements. Reliability and efficiency on pre-grown plants and lawns.

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Lighting Lighting

Lighting equipment are carefully selected from the main manufactures on the market.

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Irrigation Irrigation

We provide installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.

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Maintenance Maintenance

We provide frequent maintenance, pruning, tree climbing and phytoiatric consultancy.

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Flooring Flooring

We create walkways in the landscape using quality materials. Flooring on the edges of pools made of stone or teak.

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